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GM Financial had an ambitious goal to modernize the sales process for used vehicle inventory by launching an online auction platform. One of the primary objectives for the new platform is to expand the used vehicle market for dealers by reducing the barriers and risks associated with buying vehicles across state lines in Mexico.

The client had a tight deadline and required the coordination of approvals across 7 departments. Light Mattr was brought in to ensure the process went smoothly.


It's always difficult to change the habits and processes associated with the way people do their work. That difficulty only intensifies as the number of people affected increases. To complete the project under tight time constraints, we leveraged user empathy, and viewed every decision from the users perspective. Simplicity and trust were the guiding concerns.

One of the main discoveries made during preliminary design sprints was the need for trust in accurate information and documentation. Especially regarding product defects. Dealers were weary of purchasing vehicles online as they didn't have an opportunity to inspect the vehicle in person, and many had been burned by inaccurate information in the past; leading to poor investments and lost money.

During the design phase, we made sure to address these concerns by emphasizing multi-media content above the fold and including the vehicle inspection report just below. The client also provided design sprint materials and a detailed style guide to get us started.

We conducted the design process over a three and a half week period with Light Mattr running bi-weekly meetings across all departments and daily stand-ups with the core team. Between bi-weekly meetings, the client tested new screens with a core group of end users, and reported back with updates to be made. This kept feedback loops short and made sure we stayed on track for the deadline. In the end, we successfully completed the project within the initial deadlines, and left a very happy client with a high-quality, user-centric product.

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