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Full-Stack Development



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The Power List is a simple task manager designed to encourage productive habit building. The idea for this app was inspired by Power List creator and host of the MFCEO Project Podcast, Andy Frisella (no relation with this project). I originally started using the Power List in 2017, and over that time, I've improved my life in many ways, including by learning to code, so it was a fitting candidate as one of my first full-stack projects. I can confidently say that this application is a direct result of the skills I gained using the Power List philosophy. It's amazing what you can achieve by making a little bit of progress every day.


The Power List is not a technological innovation, it's a superior process for managing a technically primitive tool -- your to-do list. Existing technologies can handle the requirements for such a project with great ease, so the primary challenge was ultimately design related. Namely, how do we translate this system, as explained by its creator, into a digital product that empowers users to experience the benefits of use with the least amount of friction possible?

"Win the day" is a Power List motto, so it seemed like a natural decision to orient the user experience around the creation and management of today's tasks. After all, you can only take steps forward in the current moment. As a result of our focus on the present, it meant features like planning over longer time horizons took a back seat.

On the technology side, we were working under different constraints. The app is a personal project, so I didn't want to spend a fortune on servers and hosting -- especially if we ever launched to the public and needed to scale. These considerations meant it made sense to put a lot of the apps' logic on the client (user's device) with React.js, which would reduce the complexity of our server and make it easier to scale.

In the end, I'm quite happy with The Power List and I'm proud to put my name on it. I encourage you to try it out by clicking here.

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